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Rated top device among dental hearing protection options

The American Dental Association Professional Product Review proves the DI15 is the necessary solution dental professionals need.

Dentistry Permanently Damages your Hearing!

Studies show dental professionals develop permanent hearing issues throughout their careers; why wait for this to happen?

"If hearing loss were an official disability, it would rank as number 1 in the world”- CNN News

DI-15 & DI-20

Critical for Students and Practicing Clinicians

Hearing loss is cumulative; prevention is the only answer!

Literature shows hearing damage begins as early as dental/hygiene school; don’t wait until it’s too late!

Patented and Trademarked in the USA

Custom circuitry developed specifically for the dental environment by the pioneers of in-ear technology.


“I have been using my DI-15 ear plugs for over 1.5 years now; they fit great, don’t affect communication with staff or my ability to treat patients, and they are easy to clean. I highly recommend them to anyone.”

– Valerie Fong- Pediatric Dentist

How Important is Your Hearing to You?

Noise-induced hearing loss is the second most self-reported occupational illness or injury

Recommended by the American Dental Association, noise protection is a key factor in the dental industry. Our aim is to prevent hearing loss by introducing a new, innovative product - one that not only protects the ear from the harmful noises in the dental environment, but that maintains our natural hearing and communication. Our noise reduction dental ear plugs are developed to prevent the hearing loss for both dentists and patients.


The Technology

DI-15 circuitry automatically changes output levels as sound input levels change. Hearing is natural, as if nothing is in the ears, until sound exceeds safe levels. As sound levels increase, earplugs gradually provide up to 15-dB sound reduction.

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The Application

Both for patients & doctors, hearing loss protection is important. Whether you're a professional in the industry or a patient, you are often exposed to loud, abrupt, or sustained sound that can damage the cochlea. Therefore noise protection ear plugs for dentists and patients are an essential product in dental environment.

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smart ear plugs for dentists

The Product

The DI-15 is an 'active' earplug, meaning it does more than simply block sound. The intelligent circuitry restores sound that is lost when the ear canals are sealed off, and provide a high quality of hearing and noise protection.

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Protect Your Ears, Retain Normal Hearing

Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable. Practicing dentists are strongly urged to consider the long-term detrimental effects of dental clinic noise exposure and to take the simple, practical step of protecting themselves and their staff from this workplace hazard.

Small exposures to damaging sounds for short periods may seem harmless at first; however, over time this exposure has the potential to cumulatively damage hearing as much as having a gun fired next to your ear. Additionally, workplace noise can be stressful and lead to various stress-related health issues.

“Active” ear plugs offer protection without the challenges posed by other forms of hearing protection. Active hearing protection utilizes electronic microchip technology to isolate and compress high-level damaging sounds while still maintaining an “open ear” response to enable ‘normal’ hearing. Communication remains clear and unaffected, and hearing damage is prevented — an ideal scenario for the dental environment.

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