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Innovative Noise Technology

At the Tips of Your Fingers

Automatically compress high decibel sounds; maintain 100% natural communication!

Retain Your Natural Hearing

The DI-15 reduces exterior & potentially harmful noise, while maintaining the quality of your natural hearingDI-15 & DI-20

Protection for Dentists & Patients

Both parties can benefit from reducing the effects of loud, sustained, or abrupt soundsDI-15 & DI-20

Patented and Trademarked

Custom circuitry developed by the pioneers of in-ear technology

How Important is Your Hearing to You?

Noise-induced hearing loss is the second most self-reported occupational illness or injury

Recommended by the American Dental Association, noise protection is a key factor in the dental industry. Our aim is to prevent hearing loss by introducing a new, innovative product - one that not only protects the ear from the harmful noises in the dental environment, but that maintains our natural hearing and communication. Our noise reduction dental ear plugs are developed to prevent the hearing loss for both dentists and patients.


The Technology

DI-15 circuitry automatically changes output levels as sound input levels change. Hearing is natural, as if nothing is in the ears, until sound exceeds safe levels. As sound levels increase, earplugs gradually provide up to 15-dB sound reduction.

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The Application

Both for patients & doctors, hearing loss protection is important. Whether you're a professional in the industry or a patient, you are often exposed to loud, abrupt, or sustained sound that can damage the cochlea. Therefore noise protection ear plugs for dentists and patients are an essential product in dental environment.

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smart ear plugs for dentists

The Product

The DI-15 is an 'active' earplug, meaning it does more than simply block sound. The intelligent circuitry restores sound that is lost when the ear canals are sealed off, and provide a high quality of hearing and noise protection.

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Peter J. Smith, DDS- Dentist

“After providing dental care for more than 20 years, I finally realized how annoying the sound of the handpiece on longer procedures can be because I tried the DI15 ear plugs.  It is simply amazing how they cancel out the irritating sounds of the dental equipment, yet still allow me to hear my patients and assistants…

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Roger Mathis, DDS- Dentist

“I have tried many devices to block the sound of the drill (about 110 dB) and suction (about 120 dB). At the end of the day my ears ring very loudly and I have a pain in the left ear if I don’t use some kind of ear plug or ear muff. There are problems…

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Emilio Arguello,DMD, MsC-Periodontist

Thank you for a great product!  I’ve been using my DI-15 for a few months and it has already positively impacted the way I feel after a long day at the office!  We don’t realize how much impact the handpiece and suction noises have in our daily lives for stress reduction

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Mariam Karimeddiny, DMD – Dentist

“I love my earbuds! I use them during every procedure where a hand piece & suction will be used. Not only has the daily ringing in my ears gone away, I find that my stress levels have been greatly reduced. Highly recommended to all practicing dentists!”

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Peggy Cabral, Dental Assistant

“My name is Peggy and I have been working as a dental assistant since 1979. Looking back over my 37 years, a common occupational health risk that has not been discussed is hearing loss. Daily use of common instruments like handpieces create high

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Shalini Sethi, DDS – Periodontist

“I highly recommend this product! I have been using my DI15 whenever I do a procedure on a patient to cancel out the high frequency noise of drills, suctions, and ultrasonics that are used in the office. I almost cannot do a procedure without them due to

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Anne N. Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP

“Dental professionals are at serious risk for developing Noise Induced Hearing Loss, an under appreciated workplace-related cumulative trauma disorder. The DI15 hearing protection system is amazingly effective, comfortable and easy to wear

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Valerie Fong, DDS – Pediatric Dentist

“One of my mentors told me I should look into hearing loss prevention as she had trouble with her hearing after 20+ years of doing pediatric dentistry. When I heard about the DI15 ear plugs, I was really interested in trying them, especially when I found out

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