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Dental Tribune

“The world is becoming a noisier place, so protection and prevention are essential” An interview with Dr Sam Shamardi, developer of noise reduction dental earplugs. Read the Full Article 

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Breaking Through the Noise

All too often, the noise from the dental drill elicits a visceral reaction from our patients. A cringe, a grimace- we all notice it. But as dental professionals, we aren’t the least bit phased by the noise. The noxious sound is so commonplace, it’s almost as though we don’t even hear it. Read Full Article 

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Clinician Perceptions of 4 Hearing Protection Devices

Common equipment in the dental operatory generate cumulative noise at sufficient decibel levels that can damage hearing. Although noise exposure in the dental office is typically intermittent, dentists and other dental care providers have been shown to be at risk of hearing loss. Read the Full Article

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