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Our Mission Statement

Dental Innovations is dedicated to bringing novel technological and clinical solutions into the dental environment.  With each product we aim to target daily challenges faced by clinicians and patients alike in order to provide a safer and more enjoyable dental experience.

"Because prevention and communication are what dentistry is all about!"

Dental Innovations LLC was founded and created by dentists specifically for the dental environment

With over 25 years combined clinical experience, Dental Innovations LLC was created by a periodontist and a general dentist in hopes of addressing issues confronted during daily practice.

One of our first questions which led to the development of ear plugs for dentists was: How can we reduce the chronic annoyance of the dental handpiece, suction, and laboratory sounds, without blocking our communication with patients and staff?  How can we provide a practical solution to this serious, yet unaddressed occupational hazard? We all know of too many colleagues who have acquired hearing loss over years of practice, yet no solution existed to prevent this from happening.

The result: A partnership with THE pioneer group in the audiology field, and a solution for both dental professionals AND patients!

As we continue to grow, we shall continue asking more questions, and looking for more solutions.  Please stay tuned and follow us in this experience, because no one can help a dental professional better than another dentist!

- Sam Shamardi, DMD- Founder




Novel & Clinical Solutions for the Dental Environment

"Because prevention and communication are what dentistry is all about!"   

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