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Hearing protection ear plugs

Prevent Hearing Loss in Dentists Due To Dental Work

As dental professionals, you may encounter several occupational hazards every day. Certainly, hearing loss is one among them. Therefore, dental work is sure to make you susceptible to the development of permanent hearing loss. High-speed turbine hand pieces, ultrasonic instruments, low-speed hand pieces, high-velocity suctions and cleaners, and other mixing devices are the source of…

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How noise reduction ear plugs for dentists help to protect hearing?

One of the key factors in keeping your hearing healthy is to know how much loud noise you are exposed to. In order to protect your hearing from future problems, it is important to follow a proper ‘noise diet’. As a dental professional the usage of high-speed dental drills, ultrasonic cleaners, and high speed turbine…

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Protect your ears with hearing protection earplugs

Are you a dentist? Are you exposed to high-frequency noise from dental equipment like high-speed dental drills, ultrasonic cleaners, and high speed turbine? Then, electronic earplugs are an excellent solution for your hearing protection. We understand that noise exposures are inevitable in dentistry. But, cumulative exposure to such high-level of noise potentially damages the inner…

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