Proudly Using US Patented TechExperience Dental Innovations

Kimberly Peters

“I purchased the DI 15 ear plugs after suffering headaches at work repeatedly.  The shrill sound of the handpiece and the surprising way that when held just right the high-speed suction can become the most irritating sound in the world just couldn’t be ignored anymore. I knew there had to be a better way to practice dentistry. It’s surprising that dentists don’t put more emphasis on hearing loss and prevention. I must admit I was worried that it would put a barrier between me and my patients while I worked but after reading up on the technology I was willing to give the DI 15 earplugs a try. I love them. They still allow me to talk with the patient and assistant while getting the relief from headaches I needed. You will not regret making this purchase.”

– Kimberly Peters

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