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Prevent Hearing Loss in Dentists Due To Dental Work

As dental professionals, you may encounter several occupational hazards every day. Certainly, hearing loss is one among them. Therefore, dental work is sure to make you susceptible to the development of permanent hearing loss.

High-speed turbine hand pieces, ultrasonic instruments, low-speed hand pieces, high-velocity suctions and cleaners, and other mixing devices are the source of dental sounds that potentially damage hearing. However, it can be treated by taking up preventive measures. In fact, as a dentist, who is exposed to the noise of dental equipment for 15-45 minutes at a time, hair cells in the cochlea are likely to get damaged.

You can prevent the noise-induced hearing loss in dental office by using the ear plugs or noise-reduction earplugs. Also, while selecting the dental equipment, consider its noise level as a factor in your purchasing decision. Ensure to keep dental drills 35 cms away from ear plugs. It is also important to undergo hearing tests at the beginning of the professional career. This would serve as a reference point for the subsequent tests taken during the later stages of career for assessing possible changes. Also, early intervention can help diagnose the problem correctly.

Just as you tell your patients to brush and floss regularly to prevent any oral disease, it is important for you also to practice what you preach. Adopt the above mentioned preventive measures to preserve your hearing.

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