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Reliable Solution For Hearing Problems In Dentists

After almost 33 years in private dental practice, Jamie started struggling to hear. It’s almost five years since he retired from practice and Jamie now seeks help of hearing aid in both ears. He had family history of hearing loss. However, he attributes his hearing problems to high-speed dental drills, ultrasonic cleaners, and high speed turbine hand pieces. He worked with high-speed tools for more than eight hours a day for many years and today, it has played a vital role in contributing significantly to his hearing troubles.

Dentists must not only be concerned just with teeth but also it is required for them to pay closer attention to their own hearing as well. Additionally, dentists are those among the professional groups who are at the high risk of suffering from noise-induced hearing loss in their workplace.

One of the most effective reliable solutions to protect your ears and hearing is using of dental ear plugs. These smart ear plugs can help take the edge off hazardous noise and also avoid considerable amount of damage it causes to hearing over the years. Blocking the noise especially in the high frequency range, above 100dB, is most important for dentists.

Besides, it is also important maintain and oil your dental instruments to prevent unnecessarily loud noise. As noise-induced hearing loss cannot be regenerated, prevention is the only cure. Prevent hearing loss by relying on the solutions and also by preventing the hearing damage at work.

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